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Site Updates

19th October 2020

It is with deep regret that we have to inform our visitors to this website that Alexander Winslow has sadly passed away.

The Winslow Files and other content that is hosted on this site is still available for download, however all book orders have been temporarily suspended.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused, we will try our best to resume our ordering service as soon as we can.

Thank you for your understanding during these difficult times.

This well-paced, powerful novel portrays a graphic conception of our future if the present situation on this planet is allowed to continue. Jeff Banner is a man of his times who finds himself thrown suddenly into a world of violence, disease and an evil beyond compare!

This well-paced, powerful novel written in graphic detail is indeed a book of its time. Continually bombarded for centuries by solar radiation and a little-known force known as the active chemism, the human race and all life on the planet is finally and irreversibly affected. Jeff Banner scientist and later Federation Law Officer and a brave little group of stalwart individuals suddenly find themselves engulfed in a world totally alien to that which only a short while before had been considered normal.

With a wide-spread disease causing a steady break down in law and order, chaos ensues as groups of lawless individuals known as Bagaudae turn on anyone inferior to them. Caused by the effect of the active chemism penetrating all life, physical and mental mutation begins to take its toll while the more virulent effect known as vampirus bascillus is already beginning to present a more sinister side to the whole situation.

Not entirely surprised at the turn of events in Britain, a group of individuals anticipating this very situation, move in with its already trained force and form the Federation for law and order. Banner becomes part of this force and is content for a while as things settle down and he is appointed an area which he has to patrol for a certain period.

After what seems to him to be a rather long period without any communication and experiencing an event which leaves him puzzled, he decides to return to Exeter to find out what has happened. Encountering a number of events on the way which put his life at risk while also coming into contact with the mysterious Vulpus and the beautiful Regan, he eventually reaches his destination to find the city completely changed to that which he had left a few years earlier.

Now protected by a massive dome, he learns that there are six such cities throughout Britain plus a seventh known as Red City, a place of peace and sanctuary. But this is only the start; soon he learns that all is not what it seems. The colourful tranquil life which is enjoyed in the cities belies a more sinister aspect which is controlled by a personification of evil undreamed of until now. This has resulted in the manipulation of the human race for the gratification of an evil brood for the purpose of world domination.

Mystery and intrigue abound as Banner and his little group of companions seek to find a way out of the terror and violence as they battle against an evil beyond compare. Only the discovery of an ancient technology and a brief encounter with some mysterious travellers seeking the whereabouts of a crystal pyramidion, might just give them an edge against all that is gradually endeavouring to overcome them. In the meantime they must continue to press on into the unknown and the ever-threatening possibility of the end of the world. Tomorrow!

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