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The Lost History
ISBN: 0 9534444 3 0

In this well-written fast-paced novel of Arthurian Legend, the thrill and excitement of this fifth-century epic as it re-creates the enthralling atmosphere of that period; will capture the imagination of the reader as never before.

Enjoy the clash of arms and smell of battle as the taste of death encroaches from every side, while love and betrayal become interwoven as mystery and enchantment intensify this intensely atmospheric story.

For the first time ever in any Arthurian novel, the true location of Camelot , the real identification of the so-called Round Table, plus the clarification of the name Excalibur and much more; are all finally revealed! 

This page contains the appendices to the synopsis of The Siege Perilous.

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Appendices and Cross-References

Patricius Arthurus Britanniae Gallie Germanie Dacie Imperator

These titles of Arthur of Britain are found written in print on his seal in reed wax, closed in beryl and the seal itself rests in the Abbey at Westminster.

Cross Reference On Mallory's 'Le Morte D'Arthur'

Siege Perilous Le Morte D'Arthur
Constantine III .
Constans .
Ambrosius Aurelianus .
Julian Pendragon Uther Pendragon
Merlin 'Emrys' Ambrosius Merlin
Arthur Pendragon Arthur
Lothus Lot
Marcus Mark
Cador .
Caius Kay
Verus Bedivere
Valerius Percivale
Galens Gawain
Burrus Badouin
Lucullus Lancelot
Gal Had Galahad
Agrippa Agravain
Drustans Tristram
Gwyneth Gwynevere
Blaise .
Sylvia Lady of the Lake
Vivian Nyeve

Identification of Appointments

As per Merlin's Revised 'Notitia Dignitatum'

Arthur Pendragon Dux Britanniae - later AVG
Lothus Dux Lothian in Celidonia
Cador Dux Cornwall and Lyonesse
Gal Had Caesar Augustus designate
Valerius Consul of Maxima Caesariensis
Galens Consul of Valentia
Verus Commander of Palatini. Arthur's personal guard as Augustus
Burrus Commander of Cohorts (Cataphracti)
Agrippa Commander of Cohorts (Legionary - foot)
Drustans Commander of Cornish Forces
Caius Vicarius of Britanniae - Commander of all light cavalry

Arthur Dux Britanniae

Vicarius, Count of the Saxon Shore and Duke of Britain 03
Under the Vicarius, the provincial governors 05
Under the Count of the Saxon Shore, the commanders of the forts 09
Under the Duke of Britain, the garrison commanders and commanders of units (excluding those of the wall) 14



Arthur's Table List Of Roman Civil and Military Administration

'Notitia Dignitatum'

Praefectvs Praetorio per Gallias

Vicarivs Britanniarvm

Flav C


Brit II


Brit I







Magister Peditvm

Dux Britanniarvm Comes Britanniae Comes Lit. Sax.

This shows 31 appointments according to the Document. While holding title of Dux Britanniarvm Arthur was able to fill only 28.
Of the remaining three, two were of Consular Appointment, the remaining one being the 'Siege Perilous'.

Vacant Left

Siege Perilous

Vacant Right




Galens Gal Had Valerius

When Arthur became Avg instead of Dvx he was able to fill these three vacant positions, which included the position of Caesar or Emperor Designate (Siege Perilous?)



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Archaeological Reports (1976)

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Gildas: De Excidio Britanniae - Frontpiece (c. 540 A.D.)

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Nikolai Tolstoy: The Quest for Merlin (1985)


Many of the above manuscripts and documents are brought together in the book "An Arthurian Reader" by John Matthews (1988) published by The Aquarian Press. (ISBN: 0-85030-778-3)

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