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Shipping Charges

Shipping charges from the United Kingdom

The UK postal service has a list of tariffs when it comes to shipping outside of the UK itself.

The carriage charges on this website are set up to reflect "single-item" shipping unless otherwise stated.

Each of the Winslow books weighs somewhere between 150 and 350 grams each. This means that to airmail a single book to the United States at the current rate (5th Sept 2004) would incur a carriage charge of approximately 3.75 ($6.66) depending on weight and insurance costs over and above carriage (also dependant upon request of "track and trace" facilities over and above carriage and insurance.) This cost is added to the retail price of the book (8.99 GBP($15.97 USD)) which makes the total cost of a single book around 12.74 ($22.63).

To make the carriage charges simple for the customer we have stated a single 'set' carriage charge per item (which usually includes some form of insurance and track-and-trace facility) to give an indication of what the carriage charge is likely to cost 'per item'. Multiple items, unless they are over a specific weight-band, are simply multiples of this single carriage charge as each item is likely to weigh approximately the same and the carriage would approximately double up.

If you wish to purchase multiple items in quantities over 4 books, PLEASE email us and we will be more than happy to re-calculate the shipping charges to reflect a fair rate over the entire order (if sent as one order). Split orders will be calculated separately but may still result in a cheaper overall shipping charge.

If you have any further enquiries regarding our shipping charges please email us at:

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