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The Count to the Sabbath Millennium

From: October 1st 607 B.C.E. to December 31st 1 B.C.E. = 606.25 years
From: January 1st 1 C.E. to October 1st 1914 C.E. = 1913.75 years
606.25 + 1913.75 = 2,520 years

This is the length of the period as stated in Daniel 4:16 as the "seven times" (Gentile times). At the end of this period, the Kingdom of God is born in the heavens. (Revelation 12:7-9)

This started the pattern of events leading to the Sabbath (49th) Millennium, whereby God’s purpose will be accomplished (Revelation 20:1-15)

To pin-point the exact period leading up to this event, Jesus identified the generation which would experience the many signs described in Matthew 24:3-34. To establish the date for the beginning of this generation and the commencement of the Sabbath Millennium, we need to examine the pattern and parallel of certain events.

  1. Jesus Immanuel was born in 2 B.C.E., thirty years later he became the Christ whose name is Shiloh (Genesis 49:10) and in this capacity he cleansed the temple in Jerusalem.

  2. The Kingdom under the Christ was born in 1914 C.E., thirty years later the temple in the heavens was now cleansed.

Two parallel periods of thirty years concerning the same event. The first, a typical then an antitypical fulfilment. In the light of this, the generation of which Jesus spoke must have begun in 1945 C.E. This last generation (70 years) would therefore run from 1945 C.E. to 2015 C.E.

This means that an original count, which established 1979 C.E. as the year which would see the beginning of the Sabbath Millennium, was actually in error by thirty years. The corrective insertion of this, brings us instead to the year 2009 C.E. for the beginning of the Sabbath (49th) Millennium.

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