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Squires Publishing is a source of controversial and informative written material for those with a discerning mind.

Here is gathered together much knowledge about the history of mankind, presented through many eye-opening publications that attempt to bring the facts to the surface whilst dispelling a lot of the myths behind the legends of the past.

If you are a scholar or merely curious, by delving deeply into the "Fossil Beds of Thought" you can find many answers to many questions, some of them uncovered for the first time through intense research into many and varied sources.

These answers have been carefully and thoroughly verified against recognized authorities, and have been made available through Squires Publishing.

Please note that we cannot undertake the task of publishing any manuscripts.
Squires Publishing was founded specifically for publishing the material of Alexander Winslow.

The express aim of the publisher is to provide low-cost books with high quality content.

Author's Profile

Educated at Harrogate Military College, Alexander Winslow served for two years in Germany when he decided to leave the Army and pursue a career as a Theocratic scholar.

He immediately began a life of intensive study and research into the Holy Scriptures whereby during the last thirty three years he has become proficient in both Theocratic and Roman history.

In 1970 his research at this time enabled him to solve a two thousand year old mystery concerning 'The strange move of Cestius Gallus' in 66CE. This was subsequently published in 1989

Acquiring a deep insight and understanding of the Holy Scriptures has resulted in the completion of four novels and two non-fiction books plus a number of special papers on deeper related subjects, some of which can be read in The Winslow Files.

These books include:

  • THE LOST HISTORY (now in publication) the first novel ever-written about the first six chapters of Genesis.

  • THE DIARY OF ALOMA (now in publication) which is a sequel to The Lost History and has been adapted from an ancient biblical text discovered early in the 20th century.

  • SIEGE PERILOUS - the only Arthurian novel which identifies this curious appointment and takes the reader beyond the death of Arthur.

In his book THE DELUGE (also in publication), he has gleaned from ancient sources answers to many questions often accepted as unanswerable!

His only hope now is that many others will grasp the opportunity to share in this new-found knowledge.

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