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The Lost History

This is a story told in the words of the most beautiful woman ever to be born. Her name was Luluwa (the beautiful one), more beautiful even than her mother Eve. She tells of her life and all that happens during one of the most unique periods in the history of mankind.

Normal price 8.99 plus carriage

The Diary of Aloma

A child of the hermitage, and believing that her future holds nothing of consequence, Aloma's father suggests that she commits her life to the writing of a diary. Events however take a sudden turn and she finds herself enveloped in a strange and ominous web of fear.

Normal price 8.99 plus carriage

The Diary of Aloma is the natural sequel to The Lost History, continuing the history of mankind beyond the Great Deluge.
Said to be taken from an actual pre-flood diary, this 'document' is a first-hand account of the events that led up to, and through, the Great Biblical Flood of Genesis.

These two enlightening publications are now available for a one off price of 15.99 including P&P (price applies to UK and EU surface only) when ordered directly from Squires Publishing.
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