Squires Publishing. Pre-flood historical novel telling the story of the mother of Aloma. Companion book the The Diary of Aloma

The Lost History
ISBN: 0 9534444 1-4

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19th October 2020

It is with deep regret that we have to inform our visitors to this website that Alexander Winslow has sadly passed away.

The Winslow Files and other content that is hosted on this site is still available for download, however all book orders have been temporarily suspended.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused, we will try our best to resume our ordering service as soon as we can.

Thank you for your understanding during these difficult times.

This is a story told in the words of the most beautiful woman ever to be born. Her name was Luluwa (the beautiful one), more beautiful even than her mother Eve. She tells of her life and all that happens during one of the most unique periods in the history of mankind.

Born into a world of peace and serenity, she was doomed to witness unparalleled violence and horror including the first murder ever committed. As her world of colour and happiness turns dark and sour, only an inner strength will serve to ease the pain of the present and lend a hope for the future.

(The cover art for this novel has been kindly drawn exclusively by Susan Spencer)

This well-paced story is told in the words of the most beautiful woman who ever lived. More beautiful even than her mother, Eve.

Born into a world of peace and serenity, her life is suddenly and dramatically turned upside-down when, to her horror, she witnesses the first murder ever committed.

The seed of death and destruction sown many years before is, in its own both subtle and contrasting violent way, at last making itself manifest.

Torn from those whom she loves, Luluwa (the beautiful one) is taken to a distant place where she again experiences fear and death. Time passes and eventually the arrival of strangers from her home-land results in her return.

Re-united with her parents, she finds things greatly changed. Her younger sister Aklia is pleased at her return and she meets her new Brother Seth for the first time. In the meantime, sinister reports of strange things happening in the land from which she has returned, cause alarm.

Her eldest son Enoch whom she left behind, and an evil individual by the name of Genun, his close companion, were in league with some strangers, referred to by her kinsman Jared as Devas or Star-Spirits.

She learns that these are the angelic sons of the true God who have manifested human bodies and are directing human affairs under the watchful eye of the Prince of Devas, Satanas.

Their concern is intensified when they receive a terrifying report of giants of whom it seems are the offspring of the Devas in union with the beautiful women of the earth.

The threat is still far-distant and during this period of respite Luluwa is paid a visit by a young boy, who introduces himself as Enoch. She marvels at the contrast in character between him and her own son.

Later they visit the Valley of Beauty, which is marred by the sudden death of a unicorn, a creature of peace and healing.

Meanwhile Seth is instructed by his father to build two pyramids to contain all the knowledge they have acquired, so that during the on-coming destruction of their world, of which he has been informed, one might just survive and preserve such knowledge for the surviving generations.

Soon after Luluwa finds herself enveloped in a dark world of fear, degradation and death, as the Devas inflict their determination to bend mankind to their will.

Balonia, the City of Satanas, is constructed. Hesperus, a Deva of almost equal strength to Satanas, falls in love with Luluwa. As he matures into a young man, peaceful Enoch takes a stand against the Devas and their Giant sons for which he suffers greatly.

Her father and mother now dead, Luluwa forms an alliance with a man of great physical strength named Herak, and an unusual stranger named Corinus. But for all their prowess, they still cannot stem the ever-increasing power of their adversaries.

Under the protection of Hesperus, Luluwa continues to survive, but the 'Day of the Deva' weighs heavily down on the whole of the human race. Only later, at the wedding of Allimades and Samoula, is there a gleam of hope when Luluwa catches a look of apprehension on the face of a Deva at the arrival of Allimades younger brother Noah.

As she lays tearfully awake at night listening to the agonizing screams and cracking of splintered bones of those who will not submit to the Devas will, her mind reflects on that brief incident at the wedding. Could there be some Divine move afoot?

Only time will tell!

The inspiration for this book was drawn from a supposed actual account of the period, written down by one who was alive at the time. Her name was Aloma (sometimes referred to as Amoela or Seola) and she records the events that led up to, and through, the great Biblical Flood. "The Diary of Aloma" is a natural continuation to this first novel and can be found here.


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