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Adobe Acrobat Reader

Download the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader here

Alternatively you could try THIS reader. Is is 100% compatible with Adobe. It is also FREE!

Pulse 8 Internet

Our thanks go out to the Pulse 8 Internet team for hosting this humble website. Your invaluable help and professional approach in helping us to set this up, and in helping us to maintain it is very much appreciated. Thank you.

If you would like your website to be hosted on one of the best maintained and most professional service hosts that you are likely to find then please visit



Camelot Castle is a famous top quality hotel in Cornwall that overlooks Tintagel Castle. This highly recommended site has information and links about the legends of King Arthur as well as other famous Cornish attractions. Your stay will be a pleasant one and your experience will be one to remember.


This site is a comprehensive collection of information and links about the Bible. A great deal of work has gone into this site and you will find a lot of information here about Bible mythology, bible charts and dates, Greek and Hebrew charts and even stories. This is a truly fascinating site and is well worth a visit.

You will find it at http://www.biblefacts.org

Antivirus Measures

Squires Publishing is ever on guard against computer viruses.

All of our local systems are fully protected against the latest viruses, and we would recommend the following products

AVG Antivirus - Still free to use and now with full live anti-spyware support.

ESET NOD32 - For those of you who actually PAY for your anti-virus!
We use this ourselves on ALL of our systems and we highly recommend you do the same.
United Kingdom users can find the UK website HERE

Adaware FREE - A free anti-spyware program that runs LIVE and catches anything that your anti-virus program misses.

Please be aware that Anti SPYWARE and Anti VIRUS are TWO separate things.
If you run an internet security package then it is likely that you already have anti-spyware installed.
If you just run anti-virus software then you MAY need to add anti-spyware software as well.

Clean your email on the server

If you have ever had a stuck email that blocks you from downloading the rest of you emails, or just simply want to know exactly what is in your inbox and would just like to download the headers (without installing a third party email client), then this is the software for you.
Mailwasher Pro is a program (not a client) that interrogates the mail server DIRECTLY, and lets you safely view the headers and contents of your emails BEFORE you download them. It also has a blacklist facility that checks your emails against several worldwide blacklist servers, and will also let you blacklist emails yourself and even mark them for automatic deletion server-side.
This can be a useful tool for determining the validity of your emails and for weeding out the spam and any possible viruses. Once you have deleted the unwanted content you can then launch your favourite email client and download your emails as normal, knowing that they are clean and where they came from.

You can find out more about this invaluable tool at http://www.firetrust.com

Keep your downloads clean of unwanted tags and content

Firetrust's Benign, (also available from Firetrust.com) is a companion to Mailwasher Pro and will intercept your emails as they download, stripping out any undesirable HTML tags and web-bugs. Install this with Mailwasher Pro and, together with Norton Antivirus, you should be pretty well protected against email attacks.

Egyptology Links

If you liked what you saw on our "Egyptian Files" page then you may want to try visiting the following websites for further related information:


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