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Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve who replaced his brother Abel after his murder by Cain the eldest. The seed sown by Satan in the Garden of Eden when Adam, in fear of losing his beautiful wife Eve, wilfully ate of the forbidden fruit (of which the type is not actually known but was alleged to have been a apple), now manifested itself in the form of hatred and violence.

Seth strove to hold his family together as they grew in number, while the sons of Cain grew even more violent. Adam gave Seth a commission to build two pyramids which would contain all the knowledge acquired in their day.

Meanwhile Cain and his progeny continued in their violent way and later formed an alliance with the evil angelic sons of God who now followed Satan.

Seth and his sister Luluwa (the Beautiful one) did all they could to prevent their own people from joining this unholy alliance, as the evil ones built a city of grandeur which they named Balonia - "City of the Sun"

During this time, Seth's son Enosh was born, whose physical appearance was notably different to everyone else. His facial features had an ape-like character and hair was growing on parts of his body other than just on his head and eyebrows. The seed of imperfection was taking a new twist.

In time ageing would affect man's longevity. Even the mind and memory would later deteriorate. Man's fall from his original standard and its later consequences can be read in full panoramic detail in The Lost History and is continued in The Diary of Aloma.

To preserve the knowledge of mankind, Seth caused to be built two pillars before the Great Deluge struck. These pillars were actually in the form of two pyramids, one of which still survives today as The Great Pyramid of Egypt. For further evidence of this read or download the "Treaure Vault of Seth" (49.8Kbytes Adobe Acrobat PDF format)

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