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The Winslow Files

Are a compilation of files on a variety of specified subjects, ranging from Theocratic (Biblical) to Roman-Arthurian. Questions often viewed as unanswerable, and even so-called 'myths' are presented in a 'new light' of reasoning as the evidence unfolds.


Pieces of disconnected knowledge and understanding floating on an ocean of chaos or cast upon a shore of confusion, may perchance be gathered wholly or in part, to finally enrich the mind of the seeker. Here then, is a collection of such material.

Presented together, yet kept apart, that each might retain its own individuality to whet the appetite of the enquiring one and spur on the curious; that they too might gain knowledge and understanding of things once thought unanswerable.

Each file contains articles gleaned from their subject source which are then woven together with the eye of understanding.

Therefore, all that remains now, is to peer into this crystal cave of thought-provoking treasure!


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