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Statue of Djoser - King of Egypt - 2668 BC until 2649 BC
Statue of Djoser - King of Egypt - 2668 BC until 2649 BC

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The mystery and enigma surrounding the great Sphinx in Egypt has been puzzling mankind for over one thousand years. Finally, after many years of research, Alexander Winslow has uncovered valuable evidence that reveals why the Sphinx was built and what it represented. Was this the original face of the Sphinx before it was re-chiselled?

This uncovered evidence also reveals the purpose behind the Great Pyramid itself and its link with the Sphinx.

For an excerpt of this evidence please feel free to read The Pillar in the land of Syriad, which was actually published by the Egyptology Society. This document forms part of the complete file on the Sphinx.


Known as the 'scorpion', Ip was probably the earliest monarch of Egypt's First Dynasty. Alexander Winslow had put together documented evidence concerning the true identity of King Ip, together with a comparison table containing the names of the Biblical Patriarchs, Egyptian Gods and the Chaldean Kings.

You can read or download a file on King Ip here

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