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Here at last is the correct identification of Atlantis. The man it was named after, the period during which it existed and the area it covered. The so-called myth of giants and god-like men is cleared up, and the name of the strange race that existed before the Maya, is revealed.

The Flood descendsToday, just as in the past, the mystical name of Atlantis conjures up all sorts of fascinating thoughts and visual contemplations in the mind. Recent research has uncovered evidence which has resulted in a new approach to defining the origin of this wonder of antiquity.

The name "Atlantis" is of course Greek and was used by the Greek philosopher to describe the land of Atlas, of whom it is said "held up the sky." But as the so-called Atlantis was in existence long before the Greeks, further research became necessary.

Working on a parallel basis, it was soon discovered that other nations had recorded this strange phenomenon, each in their own language. The ancient Babylonians for example referred to it as "Ad", while the Aztecs claim that ancestors, the people of "Az", came from Aztlan, a land which perished and sunk under the water.

The Aztec word for 'water' is Atl which in Berber also means 'water'. Of course, Atlantis was not invented by Plato as we are able to confirm by further research. Unusual parallels begin to crop up all over the world. In Britain, Europe and Asia, we find Ad or Adlan.

Then, what about the "sky" which was being "held up?" A surviving Mayan document tells us that "in one watery blow came the waters; the sky fell down and the dry land sank." Strange drawings on the walls of the Loltan cave complex in the Puuc Hills of Central Yucatan point to a race older than the Mayas. Small hunch-backed men they call "Puus". Also a nine-foot sinister giant with the appearance of "wings", which the Mayans attribute to a race earlier than them. Is this the race to whom the Mayan "Popul Vuh" speaks of as "those who gazed at the rising sun, had but one language?"

Even the Koran, the Bible of Islam, mentions the "People of Ad", an advanced race who built the City of Pillars and who were punished by God for their wickedness.

So what have we here? An ancient people, far more advanced than we are today, in both intellect and technology, suddenly wiped off the face of the Earth.

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