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While many still continue to search for Noah's Ark, often in the wrong place and always of the wrong shape, this file contains evidence which together provides answers of a thought-provoking nature. The date of the Deluge and the source of its water. The specific shape and size of the Ark, with evidence from two different sources. There is also evidence confirming the existence of the hybrid, mongrel race of giants which roamed the earth at this time, plus confirmation that these and mankind were contemporaneous with the dinosaurs and therefore completely destroying the evolution theory.

The most unique and devastating catastrophe ever to strike the planet earth, was the cataclysmic flood during the time of Noah in 2345 BCE (Before Common Era). This global deluge was of such immense proportion that valleys were hewn and mountains pushed up as the whole planet was swept with oceans of water which remained, covering the surface of the earth for 371 days.

The result of this devastating episode was that, not only did nine hundred million people perish, but the whole environment of the planet was changed. To survive a deluge of such proportion, a vessel equal to the task was needed, something which would withstand the force and pressure of such magnitude.

Because there would be nowhere for its occupants to land for over a year, the vessel would have no need of a bow, stern, sails or rudder. In fact, the only thing necessary for it to do would be to float. So this massive rectangular, cube-shaped construction weighing one hundred and twenty-one thousand five hundred tons, became the place of refuge for Noah and his family during this tumultuous time. This is why, in the Hebrew language, it is referred to as an Ark (Tevah) because Ark means "place of refuge."

Eventually, the waters receded and the Ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat. In this area there is a large mountain which the Syrians call Baris, which means "the place of descent." For some years now, many expeditions have been launched in an endeavor to find the Ark. This has resulted in failure for the most part, due to mis-information. All have been searching for a boat-shaped vessel with a bow and a stern. Yet evidence is available as cited in "The Ark File" by a number of witnesses, who in the past few years have visited or sighted the vast rectangular-shaped vessel of Genesis.
The four stages of creation The four stages of Earth's creation, showing the formation of the Great Water Canopy
The Ark of Noah Based on a series of interviews with George Hagopian, illustrator Elfred Lee drew this conception of Noah's Ark. This is what Hagopian claims he saw on Mount Ararat when he climbed it as a young shepherd boy.
Location of the Ark Position of the aleged Noah's Ark in a glacial lake as reported by Russian aviators in 1916. Subsequently it was seen before, during and after World War II by explorers, helicopter pilots and American airmen. According to general tradition and belief, the Ark only becomes visible during periods of extensive thaw and at such times has been visited by local mountaineers.
Dr. Clifford L. Burdick Dr. Clifford L. Burdick, Arizona Geologist, with a set of petrified tracks left in the Paluxy River bed in Texas by a dinosaur and a human of formidable dimensions. The human footprints are 15 inches in length, but even though their length is extraordinary, much more significant is the fact that they were found next to the dinosaur tracks. It indicates that man and the dinosaur were contemporaneous not millions of years apart, cutting the evolutionary time-scale to shreds.

The Deluge
The Deluge - It's Cause and Effect

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