Squires Publishing. The Divine Plan of the Ages is a blueprint for Everlasting Life on Earth.

  Millions now living will never die!

The truth behind this extraordinary statement is revealed in the unique book The Divine Plan of the Ages which contains the Key to the Holy Scriptures and reveals a Mystery which has been hidden for two thousand years.

Did you know that the Holy Scriptures are the literal 'blueprint' for Everlasting Life on the Earth, and the 'Measuring Rod' for the whole of mankind?

Insight and understanding concerning the wonderful hope in store for the whole of the human race, can be obtained from 'The Divine Plan of the Ages'

The satisfactory proof that:

  • THE BIBLE is a divine revelation - reasonable and trustworthy, revealing a systematic plan, exemplifying justice, wisdom and love.

  • The "Key of Knowledge" to the Scriptures, long lost, is found and gives God's faithful people access to the "hidden mystery." - Luke 11:52; Col. 1:26

  • The Lord Jesus and his faithful followers are to be not only priests, but kings, and will reign over the earth.

  • This comes at Christ's second advent.

  • God's plan is to select and save the church in the Gospel age, and to use the church in blessing the world during the Millennium.

  • A ransom for all implies an opportunity to all for restitution.

  • The day of judgment is 1,000 years long, and will be the world's trial day.

  • "The narrow way" of self-sacrifice will cease at the end of this age.

  • "The highway" of righteousness will be open to all the redeemed race in the Millennium. - Isaiah 35:8, 9

  • The kingdoms of the world" are but for an ordained period and must give place to the "kingdom of God".

  • These subjects and many others of deep interest to all are discussed fully and in language easy of comprehension in Volume I of the Scripture Study series.

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