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19th October 2020

It is with deep regret that we have to inform our visitors to this website that Alexander Winslow has sadly passed away.

The Winslow Files and other content that is hosted on this site is still available for download, however all book orders have been temporarily suspended.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused, we will try our best to resume our ordering service as soon as we can.

Thank you for your understanding during these difficult times.

(For more information about the Great Deluge of Genesis, also referred to as "The Flood", please visit our "Ark File" page)

ISBN: 0 9534444 0 6


"And I will give portents in heaven above and signs on earth below, blood and fire and smoke mist; the sun will be turned into darkness and the moon into blood......
for the night is coming when no man can work". (Acts 2:19,20 John 9:4)

The stark reality of this event and its pending conclusion during this present last generation is revealed in this most controversial thought-provoking book of the new millennium.

"A very interesting book and very well written" ~ READERS DIGEST

This book is also lodged at
The Libraries of Oxford and Cambridge
The National Library of Scotland
The Library of Trinity College, Dublin
The National Library of Wales

Here is a book which is both controversial in content and thought provoking in its delivery. Yet based on a 'pattern and parallel foundation, the internal evidence concerning the 'cause and effect' of this momentous event found throughout its pages is overwhelming.

For many centuries now the question concerning the cause of the Deluge and indeed the source of its waters, not to mention the detrimental effect the environmental conditions produced by this catastrophe has had on mankind and the whole of Terrestrial Creation, has been an issue of controversy between many people and professions.

Therefore using a 'Pattern and Parallel' method, I have dealt with what I consider to be the three most salient points.

    (1) Whether there was a worldwide deluge and what caused it.

    (2) The date it occurred and the chronology of the human race based on the pattern and parallel of the six 'creative' days.

    (3) The effect the Deluge has been having on life on this planet ever since.

Here then is a book in which we take a thought provoking look at the earth-wide environmental conditions brought about by the great 'vapour and ice-crystal canopy' which once surrounded the Earth like a great glittering blanket, producing Edenic conditions over the whole planet.

The sudden collapse of this great ocean canopy resulted in the most devastating event ever recorded. Valleys were hewn, mountains pushed up and the whole environment was changed. So far-reaching were the changes brought about by this catastrophe that we are still reeling in the wake of its aftermath!

Through its pages we can:

  • Take a thought-provoking look at the Canopus Magnus which once surrounded the Earth, and the resulting loss of Edenic conditions due to the Great Deluge.

  • Read the ancient writings gathered from around the world along with Biblical references and the scholarly writings of others presenting further views on the subject.

  • Examine the charts and illustrations designed to help the reader to try and comprehend the vast changes brought about by the Flood and its effects on human longevity, fermentation, radiation, mutations, pollution and other contemporary phenomena.

  • Note the special view on the Carbon-14 dating methods used by others along with an explanation regarding the importance of the Jubilee Law.

  • Ponder in conclusion over an event so momentous that even today everything on this planet, including the human race, is still suffering from its effect!

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