Bored With Usernames
is currently up to his butt in work, so this underwhelming web page is all that I could put together in the short time that I had available to me.

PLEASE be patient, a proper page WILL appear in time, together with embedded videos and links from the Boredwithusernames Youtube channel

This site will eventually be a companion to the Youtube Channel, and will link to stuff like mods which I will occasionally create, Neverwinter Nights 2 modules and other interesting stuff.

News and updates will be posted on my Youtube channel when available.


I gotta pay for it so when there is more stuff up here, PLEASE don't use download managers to leech the site, if you do then it will disappear like a phantom into the night.


The Bored With Usernames Website has been set up mainly to support the companion Youtube Channels Bored With Usernames and Bored With Palythrus.

The Bored With Usernames Youtube Channel was mainly aimed at 8-bit retro gaming which includes stuff from the original Commodore 64 and the ZX Spectrum to name just two. However as time went on other stuff crept in and you will also find stuff to do with a totally classic game called Deus Ex, the first of it's kind to offer the player a free choice of play and rewards or penalties depending on the play-style.

There is also some content showcasing some GTA3 mods which were created to allow the player a slightly easier way of getting around the game world right from the start without using the in-game cheats. There is also a downloadable mod for a bridge that leads to the legendary Ghost Town, which has been made solid and has a fence around it. COOL!

There is now a second Youtube companion channel supported here, unfortunately mis-named when it was created called boredwithpalythrus, which SHOULD have been called boredwithplaythrus. This channel contains some proper retro-pc walkthrus from the Broken Sword series (still ongoing), the Kyrandia Trilogy, Return to Mysterious Island and a classic game called The Dig.

As and when time allows, more and more retro-pc content will appear here. A completed playthru of several versions of the Lucasfilm classic "Loom" are in editing and will be available to upload soon, and work is underway with the Discworld series.

I have also started a Save Game section, at the moment it only has 1 Gamesave set for Broken Sword 3.
This is a FULL Save Game set which mirrors the Youtube Channel playlist set so if you want to play along then each save in this set will start you at the beginning of the companion videowith the same name.

For the time being please use the top menu bar to navigate the site, you will find links to the GTA3 stuff and the Game Downloads in the drop-down menus.


Download the Broken Sword 3 Save File --> HERE <--

- - -

The GTA3 console ia a great mod that allows in-game key mapping to customizable cheat macros that you can create. That is how the "flight" was achieved in the original Ghostbridge video on the Bored With Usernames Youtube Channel ;)

Download the GTA3 Console --> HERE <--

There is a new mod available for GTA 3, I have created "another" bridge to the much talked about Ghost Town, which on the PC version of the game was used in the initial starting cut-scene. I have used TWO things from Homer Simpson's original mod, the land base which has been placed under the Ghost Town textures, and the associated COL file, which makes the land base solid so that the player does not fall through "Blue Hell" and back into the main map area.

You can download this additional mod --> HERE <--

Just add the ipl file to the bottom of your gta3.dat file and play...


Get the NEW UPDATED IPL files --> HERE <--

 Just overwrite the original ghstbrdge.ipl file and add ghstfence.ipl to the GTA3.DAT file

- - -

The only downloadable content available at the moment is the GTA 3 Coastal Bridge mod, which I made back in 2004 using a program called Moomapper. Amazingly this is still available HERE

--> Thanks to ePixDigitalStudios for confirming that the GTA3 Coastal Bridge Mod mod works on the Xbox :) <--

If any of you are interested in downloading my GTA3 Bridge mods then you can get it via the GTA menu at the top or

--> HERE <--

You will need to unzip the file so if you need a gnu-licensed FREE unzipper then you can get 7-zip from HERE

I release this mod entirely to the public domain and if ANY of you want to use it and improve it (not hard to do) then please feel totally free to do so. I would appreciate a small insignificant mention just out of courtesy if you do decide to use it, but I am not that bothered really.

If any of you are wondering what this mod is all about, then check it out on my youtube channel here.

Instructions on how to use this mod can be found HERE

This website is a work in progress, so please forgive any errors. Thank you for your understanding, it is very much appreciated.

You can email me via my Youtube Channel.
In an attempt to stop web-bots from hoovering my email I have not published my email address on this site.