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GTA III Ghost Town Bridge Mod

Download the zipfile here


Download 7-zip here

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I have re-modelled the land-base under ghost-town. My thanks to Homer Simpson for the original land base which was imported from the Industrial IDE, which is why a COL file is needed. I have removed this and used the airport land-base from the Staunton Island IDE, so no COL file SHOULD be needed.

I have also fenced off the entire Ghost Town area, so it is now completely safe to drive around without worrying about "falling off the edge"

--> PLEASE let me know if this doesn't work or if you fall through the land <--

I have only had a chance to test this on the PC version, so I would appreciate any feedback ;)

Download the updated ipl files --> HERE <--

- - -

I was inspired to make this mod by the original "Ghost Town Bridge Mod", which was made by Homer Simpson waaaay back in good old 2005, which can still be found at

I got the idea of using bridges to traverse the GTA3 world and quickly found a copy of Moomapper,
still available at
The GTA Place and gtagaming. Later I used the "GTA 3_Vice_SA Map Editor 0_32 BETA"

This new mod can be used in addition to my original mod or separately, it doesn't do anything to add to the gameplay, it just satisfies curiosity and allows the player to visit the much talked-about "Ghost Town".

The Ghost Town was put in by Rockstar when they released the PC version of GTA 3, and it was nothing more than a "film set" for the initial starting cut-scene. It contains only textures and there is no collision data associated with it, so it is not possible to walk anywhere or into anything.

Homer Simpson originally made a bridge-mod to access Ghost Town, and he added a solid base to the town, which allowed players to visit and to walk around and see the "film set". It was his mod which started me on the "modding" path, and so I made my original coastal bridges and then this "re-make" of a set of bridges that allow the player to visit Ghost Town if they are curious.

I have simply made a set of bridges which climb over the HUGE landscape, which is one HUGE single texture by the way, and drops down over the other side and BEHIND the main map. If you stand on the land base in Ghost Town and look back towards Liberty City, you are looking at the BACK of the main textures in the distance.

As I said, there is no real point in keeping this mod loaded into the game, it is just to satisfy curiosity, BUT it was an interesting learning curve on how to mod a game, trying to integrate objects into a game and make them appear properly placed. If you need a bit of a "training ground" to practice with, this game offers a perfect one.

I used the "GTA3/VC/SA Map Editor" to make this mod, available --> HERE <-- I originally tried to use Moomapper but I had a problem with the Z-Positioning on anything in the North-South directions, nothing would line up properly so I used the GTA Map Editor instead, which also gave me the added bonus of actually SEEING the textures that I was manipulating.

If anybody is interested in downloading my GTA3 Bridge mod then you can get it

--> HERE <--

You will need to unzip the file so if you need a gnu-licensed FREE unzipper then you can get 7-zip from HERE

I release this mod entirely to the public domain and if ANY of you want to use it and improve it (not hard to do) then please feel totally free to do so.

I would appreciate a small insignificant mention just out of courtesy if you do decide to use it, but I'm not too worried if you don't. As long as you can make use of it then you are free to use it.

If any of you are wondering what this mod is all about, then check it out on my youtube channel here.

You can email me via my Youtube Channel.
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