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GTA III Coastal Bridge Mod

Download the zipfile here

Download 7-zip here

Youtube Direct Link

 UPDATE - Thanks to ePixDigitalStudios for confirming that this mod works on the Xbox :)

I was inspired to make this mod by the original "Ghost Town Bridge Mod", which was made by Homer Simpson waaaay back in good old 2005, which can still be found at

I got the idea of using bridges to traverse the GTA3 world and quickly found a copy of Moomapper,
still available at
The GTA Place and gtagaming. Later I used the "GTA 3_Vice_SA Map Editor 0_32 BETA"

I really did like the idea of merging a bridge into the docks on Portland island, it kind of looked natural and it aimed in more or less the right direction towards the army base on Staunton Island.

The second lane extension which went upwards and over to Shoreside Vale was never really finished, I intended to put more bridge supports in place but it never really happened. You will notice the blue corrugated barriers on parts of the aerial bridge, these were eventually going to link to a road system that went all the way over to the Ghost town, but I came up against the infamous "object limit" crash, so I kind of stopped at that point.

The airport bridge mod on Shoreside Vale was made out of desperation, I think I was trying to complete a firetruck mission at the time and because the game-engine put missions within a radius of the truck they usually ended up half way across the island on the other side of the water, so I built a shortcut... scruffy but very functional.

The last minor mod I made was to put a small bridge on top of the Pharmacy building so that I could jump across the ALMOST impossible gap to get a hidden package... and the health, shield, slomo and weapon that was across the other side of the roof.

I originally intended to make a complete road system above the city, taking the player around all of the islands and over to Ghost Town, however I never really got around to finishing it, and I never got around the maximum object limits in the game. By the time I got back to the project there were so many other excellent mods out there that got around the object limits and were properly scripted, so I just kind of gave up.

However this mod does the job of getting you around the three islands, which is all I needed at the time so that I could collect 99 out of 100 packages, and complete various other side missions at the start of the game WITHOUT using cheat codes.

The only hidden package you cannot get is the one on top of the lift-bridge between islands two and three, mainly because the lift bridge is not in operation until you unlock Shoreside Vale, and the package is on one of the supports of the lifting section... which is raised right to the top to stop you driving across until it is unlocked.

I did build a road extension to let me get this package, but it is was an unfinished and very scruffy work, so I have not hosted it.

If anybody is interested in downloading my GTA3 Bridge mod then you can get it

--> HERE <--

You will need to unzip the file so if you need a gnu-licensed FREE unzipper then you can get 7-zip from HERE

I release this mod entirely to the public domain and if ANY of you want to use it and improve it (not hard to do) then please feel totally free to do so.

I would appreciate a small insignificant mention just out of courtesy if you do decide to use it, but I'm not too worried if you don't. As long as you can make use of it then you are free to use it.

If any of you are wondering what this mod is all about, then check it out on my youtube channel here.

Instructions on how to use this mod can be found HERE

You can email me via my Youtube Channel.
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