Bored With Usernames
is currently up to his butt in work, so this underwhelming web page is all that I could put together in the short time that I had available to me.

PLEASE be patient, a proper page WILL appear in time, together with embedded videos and links from the Boredwithusernames Youtube channel

This site will eventually be a companion to the Youtube Channel, and will link to stuff like mods which I will occasionally create, Neverwinter Nights 2 modules and other interesting stuff.

News and updates will be posted on my Youtube channel when available.


I gotta pay for it so when there is more stuff up here, PLEASE don't use download managers to leech the site, if you do then it will disappear like a phantom into the night.



 UPDATE - Thanks to ePixDigitalStudios for confirming that this mod works on the Xbox :)

I release this mod entirely to the public domain and if ANY of you want to use it and improve it (not hard to do) then please feel totally free to do so. I would appreciate a small insignificant mention just out of courtesy if you do decide to use it, but I am not that bothered really.

You will need to unzip the file so if you need a gnu-licensed FREE unzipper then you can get 7-zip from HERE

1. Download the bridge mode --> HERE <-- and save it somewhere like your desktop or mydocs

2. Browse to the "C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTAIII\data\maps" folder

3. CREATE a new folder and call it mods

4. Unzip your download inside this new folder (4 files in total)

5. Browse to the "C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTAIII\data" folder

6. Right-click the gta3.dat file and "open with notepad"

7. add the following lines to the BOTTOM of the gta3.dat file

IPL DATA\MAPS\mods\cstbrdge.ipl
IPL DATA\MAPS\mods\pharmod.ipl
IPL DATA\MAPS\MODS\island3mod.ipl

8. Save the gta3.dat file

Now run the game and play, the mod should have loaded up with your game.

You can email me via my Youtube Channel.
In an attempt to stop web-bots from hoovering my email I have not published my email address on this site.