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The History of the document of The Diary of Aloma...

Back in 1977, Rene Noorbergen published a book called "Secrets of the Lost Races". It was a book which attempted to bring to light, and to try and answer, the mysteries and the myths surrounding the past four thousand years of the history of mankind. Amongst its pages there is a chapter concerning the great flood of Noah, within which is revealed much about the Ark, and of some interesting communication between Dr. Aaron J. Smith and Dr. Philip W. Gooch.

Dr. Smith was, at the time, the leader of an expedition which set out in 1950 to discover the Ark of Noah on Mount Ararat, now referred to as the "Oriental Archaeological Research Expedition." In his communication with Dr. Smith, Dr. Gooch reveals that somewhere there existed an actual account of the Biblical Flood which was recorded by a living witness of the time. This account was in the possession of a secret order to which he belonged.

He states the following:

"There was a living witness on the ground who covered all the fine details of what went on during the Flood and after the Flood until her death in the 547th year. She was God's living witness, Noah's daughter-in-law, the wife of his son Japheth, a student of Methuselah, under whom she was apprenticed, and who taught her all that had preceded the Flood. She was educated in all the history of the human race up to that time. Her book - she called it her diary - is filled with things that occurred from Adam (?) to her death, and seems to me to be the most complete record of early human history ever recorded.

"Many of the problems confronting geologists today can easily be understood after one reads Amoela's diary.

"At her death, dying in the arms of her youngest son, Javan, her diary was placed in her mummified hands in a crystal quartz case, with tempered gold hinges and clasps, and was discovered by..." ( a high-ranking member of the secret order referred to by Dr. Gooch) "... in the latter part of the last century. The original and the translation are now in possession of the Order."

It is worth noting at this point that the document in question is referred to by Dr. Gooch as Amoela's Diary, not as Aloma's Diary.

Noorbergen states at this point that further communication with Dr. Gooch did not result in concrete evidence concerning the whereabouts of Amoela's Diary and that his death shortly after, widened the credibility gap even more. The chapter concerning the Ark of Noah continues but makes no further mention of this diary.

It is at this point that we now go back to 1878 when we find that the diary had already been published (previous to the document that was referred to by Dr. Gooch) by Mrs. J. G. Smith, who claims to have had it dictated to her by the fallen angel Hesperus. It was the supposed diary of Japheth’s wife, who had recorded the events of her life before, during and after the Biblical Flood of Noah, and was published under the title of "Seola"

Providentially a copy of this publication came into the hands of the greatest bible scholar of our times who suggested that "...if revised this diary would be beneficial to all who read it." This was not to happen for another 46 years when, finally, a revision was produced in 1924 under the title "Angels and Women" by the A. B. ABAC Company, New York.

The author of this work remains unaccredited and it was a copy of this revision that fell into the hands of Alexander Winslow in 1979. It was re-revised over the next 22 years and finally released in 2001 in the form of the original as "The Diary of Aloma". This latest edition contains, as far as we can tell, all of the original structure and content of the original "Seola"

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